We Are Freight

We Are Freight

Logistics Your Way

Providing up to date service for shipper and carriers amongst the modern Logistics of the transportation world.


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Who Are We!

We are a dedicated Freight Brokerage working with a team of Broker Agents. Our combined experience consists of more than 40 years of Direct Logistics, Motor Carrier with dispatching, Customer Service and Administrative expertise, making our company your best choice. Together we are committed to your needs, our “Logistics Your Way Team”. provides first-hand dedication, assuring Shippers, Motor Carriers and Consignees are kept in real time processing.

We are not just a Broker or Logistic processing company; “We Are Freight Logistics Your Way”.

Our Expertise:

Modern Shipping

Our systems list the most recent interface information.

Safety & Security

We operate the safest updated systems to transfer and store our client’s data.

Best Logistic Service

We establish the ultimate shipper/carrier relationships.

Advanced logistics solutions

We give you complete control of your shipments

We Provide Best Logistic Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessorial charges – Charges made for performing services beyond normal pickup and delivery, such as inside delivery or storage charges.

Bulk Freight – Freight that is not contained within boxes, packaging or containers of some kind is referred to as bulk freight.

Embargo – An embargo is any event that prevents the freight from being accepted or handled. Embargo events include floods, tornadoes or congested highways.

Intermodal Transportation – When freight is shipped using two or more modes of transportation. This typically refers to truck-rail-truck shipments.

Truckload (TL) – A truckload is defined as freight weighing 23,000 pounds or more or that occupies half or more than the trailer’s capacity.

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